Top of Backswing

The top of backswing is the moment just before the backswing begins. The position at the top of your golf swing is unique to every player, akin to a fingerprint, and you would likely recognise some of the game’s greats solely based on this position. However, this position can be flat, steep, laid off, across the line, closed, or open, leading to confusion about what is correct and what is incorrect.

While there is no definitive right or wrong, some checks can make the game easier and more straightforward. The first thing to check is the club face. If it is too open or closed, it can lead to directional issues. Ideally, the leading edge of the club should be parallel and closely matched to your lead forearm. This will indicate that the club face is in a neutral position at the top of your backswing. Contact us for online support with your golf swing position.

Top of Backswing Position

If this top of backswing position is not achieved, there may be two potential reasons. Firstly, your grip may not be correct. An incorrect grip often leads to the club face being open or closed at the top of your swing. Secondly, the position of your wrists, particularly the lead wrist, can be the cause. If the wrist is extremely arched or cupped, the club face will be twisted either closed or open, and the leading edge will not align with your lead forearm.

Another important thing to focus on at the top of your backswing is the position of your arms relative to your upper body. If the lead arm is too vertical, it will result in an upright backswing, while if it is too close to horizontal, it will lead to a flat backswing. The ideal position lies somewhere between the two, where the lead arm is at or slightly above the angle of your shoulders, and the end of the grip is directly above the middle to heels of your shoes. By achieving this position, you increase your chances of making a downswing without having to compensate, thereby reducing inconsistencies in your game. If you want to learn more about the top of backswing position, sign up to one of our online courses today.

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