The traditional view of golf fundamentals, such as grip, stance, posture, and alignment, may not be the true keys to success in the game. While these elements are important, they are not universal to all great golfers who exhibit varying styles.

The real golf fundamentals that guarantee improvement are:

  • Consistent Ball Strike: the club should strike the ground in the same relative position to the ball each time for a high-quality strike.
  • Speed: generating enough speed in the swing to hit the ball the appropriate distance for the course being played.
  • Shot Direction and Curve Control: the ability to predict and control the direction and curve of shots is crucial to success in the game.

All the best golfers in the world exhibit these golf fundamentals, regardless of their individual grips, postures, ball positions, and alignments. Focusing on these fundamentals will lead to more success on the course. Fill in our online form for the next steps in improving your game.

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