The Golf Shot Playbook

Golf’s Essential Shots Made Simple

Introducing The Golf Shot Playbook: Your Guide To Mastering 15 Of Golf’s Essential Shots

We all know the vast array of challenges that the game of golf presents, we have to overcome weather conditions like rain and wind, master shots from slopes and undulating terrain, adapt to various grass types, and navigate through the obstacles scattered across the course.

The Golf Shot Playbook offers a comprehensive guide to mastering 15 essential shots, empowering you to skilfully manoeuvre through the golf course and conquer any challenge that comes your way. 

While perfecting your swing on the driving range is important, translating that consistency into the unique scenarios encountered during each round often proves to be the stumbling block for many golfers. The Golf Shot Playbook is poised to revolutionise this experience.

Here’s why the course is unique:

  • Immediate Results: Numerous golfers are caught off guard by these shots simply because they lack a clear approach. The user-friendly videos offer clarity and precise guidance, enabling you to flawlessly execute each shot with confidence
  • No Swing Changes Required:This course focuses on utilising and adapting your existing swing to execute every shot, eliminating the need for any swing alterations to achieve success
  • Perfect For All Skill Levels:Regardless of your experience level in the game, these shots are encountered by every golfer and are accessible to all, whether novice or seasoned veteran
  • Proven Strategies:Drawing from more than two decades of coaching expertise, I’ve honed the simplest and most effective methods to teach these shots, yielding proven and tangible results
  • Immediate Implementation:Although mastering certain shots in the course may require practice, numerous techniques can be applied immediately on the course, allowing you to witness instant results

Consistently Lower Scores

With the Golf Shot Playbook, you’ll possess a comprehensive set of shots to master any challenging or unique situation on the course. 

Excelling in golf isn’t solely about the swing; it’s about adapting that swing to tackle the diverse range of shots required every round. The Golf Shot Playbook ensures you’re equipped with solutions for any situation, bidding farewell to unnecessary dropped shots stemming from uncertainty. 

Embrace confidence, knowing you have complete control over your golf ball from any scenario

What’s Included in the course

1 – How To Hit A Draw With The Driver

  • Gain extra distance on your tee shots
  • Learn to shape the ball to suit the hole

2 – Playing From Fairway Bunkers

  • Learn how to make perfect contact every time
  • Start approaching fairway bunker shots with confidence

3 – Playing From An Upslope

  • Understand the ball flight tendencies
  • Learn the key set up changes to adapt to these slopes

4 – Playing From A Downslope

  • Learn the simple process to choose the right club every time
  • Adapt your swing to match the slope and situation

5 – Mastering The 50yd Bunker Shot

  • Learn to read the lie and choose one of two shot options
  • Master the perfect technique to overcome this difficult shot
  • Perfect two shot options allowing you to deal with all situations

6 – Chipping From Thick Rough

  • Learn a simple process to arrive at the right club and shot choice
  • Execute the shots with confidence and control over your golf ball

7 – Playing With The Ball Above Your Feet

  • Learn the ball flight tendencies and how to adapt to incorporate these
  • Perfect the set up and swing to overcome even the most severe of slopes

8 – Playing With The Ball Below Your Feet

  • Learn to make key adjustments allowing you to strike perfect shots from this awkward lie
  • Develop a simple pre shot routine to always choose the right club and shot

9 – How To Play Plugged Bunker Shots

  • master 2 techniques giving you options when your ball is plugged
  • Understand how the ball will react and learn how to adapt your technique to master this shot

10 – How To Hit A Hook Recovery Shot

  • Learn a simple technique allowing you to be more aggressive when in trouble
  • Learn how understanding key ball flight laws can help you choose the right club and set up

11 – How To Hit A Slice Recovery Shot

  • No more side ways shots, advance the ball closer to the green with confidence
  • Learn how adapting your follow through is key to this shot

12 – Mastering The Lob Shot

  • Overcome common faults leading to poor strikes and inconsistent results
  • Master the ability to hit the shot that is required, not just the safe option

13 – Hitting The Low Flighted Iron Shot

  • Master the 3 factors that allow you to have ultimate control over the trajectory of your shots
  • Learn a key set up adjustment allowing you to be deadly accurate

14 – Hitting The High Flighted Iron Shot

  • Gain complete control over your ball flight, trajectory and land angle
  • Learn a simple impact concept that can instantly give you full control of your golf ball

15 – The Outliers

  • Learn a simple 3 step process allowing you to overcome any unique situation
  • Confidently execute any shot and avoid silly dropped shots or blow up holes


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