Increase Club Head Speed

Increase swing speed in golf

More distance, more speed and better scores

Are you ready to add more yards to your tee shots and shoot lower scores? Look no further than Boost Your Club Head Speed, the ultimate program designed specifically for golfers like you.

Created by Chris, one of the leading golf coaches in the world, who has helped thousands of golfers shoot lower scores through longer tee shots. He shares the techniques and methods that can help you increase club head speed in this series.

The program is composed of 3 easy-to-follow videos that are specifically designed to help you increase your speed without compromising accuracy. Each video contains simple coaching and practical drills to help you along your journey to more speed.

  • The set up and correct hold needed to swing the club quicker
  • How to create the ideal backswing rotation
  • The correct weight or pressure shift
  • How to use overspeed training
  • Where most of your power comes from
  • How you can use the ground through impact for added speed
  • Plus much more!

Don’t get left behind!

Don’t let poor club head speed hold you back any longer. With Boost Your Club Head Speed, you’ll have access to the same expert guidance and tips that top golfers use to improve their game. Imagine hitting longer, straighter tee shots and watching your scores drop. It’s time to make that a reality. Sign up for Boost Your Club Head Speed today and start your journey to becoming a better golfer. With over 60 minutes of instructional content, you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity to improve your game and achieve your golfing goals. Sign up now and start seeing results


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