Boost Your Club Head Speed

‘Boost Your Club Head Speed’ was created for golfers just like you who are looking to add more yards onto their tee shots, and it is proven that longer drives = lower scores!

Chris has helped thousands of golfers shoot lower scores through longer tee shots and within this series he shares the techniques and methods that can help you do the same.

These 3 videos are specifically designed to help you increase your speed without compromising accuracy with each video containing simple, easy to follow coaching along with practical drills to help you along your journey to more speed

You will learn:

  • The set up and correct hold needed to swing the club quicker
  • How to create the ideal backswing rotation
  • The correct weight or pressure shift
  • How to use overspeed training
  • Where most of you power comes from
  • How you can use the ground through impact for added speed
    Plus much more!

Start this Digital course with over 60 minutes of instructional content today, just click the button below to begin your speed journey!


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