Golf Takeaway

The golf takeaway is a critical part of the golf swing, but it’s also a point where many golfers tend to make mistakes. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for. Let’s take a closer look at the point in the swing when the club reaches the level with the ground, which is commonly known as the takeaway position.

It’s worth noting that the following guidelines should be used as references rather than exact positions that each golfer should hit. Firstly, the club face should be positioned with the leading edge or grooves running almost parallel to the angle of your upper body, which should be slightly tilted towards the ground.

The body pivot should be the primary mover of the club from the setup to this position. The upper and lower body should have rotated away from the target, which should naturally move the club. However, it’s common for golfers to use their hands and arms to make this first move, which can make it challenging to sequence their backswing correctly. To improve your golf takeaway, sign up to one of our online digital courses.

Golf Swing Takeaway

If the body has been correctly utilised up until this point, the hands should gradually move inwards and upwards, following the movement of the upper body. This natural arcing is crucial to establishing the shape of your backswing.

During the takeaway phase, you should start shifting pressure to your trail leg. Although this pressure shift is difficult to see, it can be felt through the feet. Additionally, the pressure shift becomes more forceful the longer the golf club, with the driver seeing the most aggressive shift in pressure.

A great golf swing takeaway should engage the body, position the club correctly, and initiate a proper pressure shift. If you can achieve these objectives, you’ll be off to the best possible start. So, book onto one of our courses today to really tackle your swing!

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