Golf swing tips

Golf Swing Tips

For golf swing tips to be effective, they need to be specific to the player. However, there are some general pieces of advice that can help the majority of golfers improve their overall performance.

Golf backswing

Golf Backswing

A well-executed golf backswing simplifies and makes the downswing more repeatable, whereas poor backswings require more skill and compensation, ultimately making the game harder.

Golf - the top of the backswing

Top of Backswing

The top of backswing is the moment just before the backswing begins. The position at the top of your golf swing is unique to every player, akin to a fingerprint, and you would likely recognise some of the game’s greats solely based on this position.

Golf swing takeaway

Golf Takeaway

The golf takeaway is a critical part of the golf swing, but it’s also a point where many golfers tend to make mistakes. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for

Golf downswing

Golf Downswing

Each golfer is unique, and therefore it is expected that their individual golf downswing will be based on their unique approach to the sport.

Golf impact

Golf Impact Position

The golf impact position of a shot is crucial in determining its outcome. To improve your golf game, it’s important to focus on the impact and strive to reach the following key points.

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