Ultimate Ball Striking + Short Game Toolbox

Unlock Your Full Potential on the Course!

Ultimate Ball Striking + The Short Game Toolbox

Are you tired of struggling with your golf game, dreaming of those perfect drives and precise short game shots? Look no further! This is the solution to elevate your skills and take your game to new heights. This Bundle combines of two of the best golf instructional video series available today: “Ultimate Ball Striking” and “The Short Game Toolbox.”

Ultimate Ball Striking

Become a true ball-striking master with “Ultimate Ball Striking.” This comprehensive video series is designed to revolutionise the way you approach your shots from tee to green. With in-depth tutorials, insider tips, and professional insights, you’ll master the fundamental techniques to consistently hit the ball with precision and power.

In “Ultimate Ball Striking,” you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a perfect setup and grip for maximum control.
  • How to develop key swing mechanics essential for high level ball striking
  • Masterful iron play to approach the green with confidence.
  • Long drives that will impress your playing partners.
  • Strategies for overcoming common swing faults and perfecting your form.

The Short Game Toolbox

When it comes to achieving low scores, the short game is paramount. Say goodbye to confusion and duffed chips with “The Short Game Toolbox.” This easy to follow video series makes it easy to refine your finesse around the green and allowing you to hit any shot, from any situation, any time.

In “The Short Game Toolbox,” you’ll discover:

  • How to perfect the basic pitching motion
  • The tools that are essential to great short game shots
  • How to apply your toolbox to change flight, spin, roll out and land angle
  • The key strategies needed on the golf course to hit the exact shot every time
  • The practice techniques that will allow you to transfer your new skills seamlessly to the course

What You Will Get:

  1. Access to both “Ultimate Ball Striking” and “The Short Game Toolbox” video series.
  2. Hours of high-quality, professionally produced content, giving you an immersive learning experience.
  3. Step-by-step instructions that cater to golfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned players.
  4. Insights from one of the most respected golf coaches in the industry
  5. The confidence to tackle any shot on the golf course and see remarkable improvements in your game.
  6. Simple, easy to follow instructional videos allowing you to progress at your own pace.


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