The golf impact position of a shot is crucial in determining its outcome. To improve your golf game, it’s important to focus on the impact and strive to reach the following key points.

  • Weight Forward: it’s ideal to have 80% of your weight on your lead side at contact to strike the ground correctly, lean the shaft forward, and generate speed and rotation.
  • Shaft Lean: keep your hands ahead of the club head for a good strike, improved ball speed, and better ball contact.
  • Rotation: for an effective golf impact position, your hips and torso should be rotated towards the target at impact, providing space to swing into and improve post-impact extension and width.
  • Head Stability: maintain the position of your head at setup with minimal lateral shift to ensure consistency in contact and club delivery.

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Golf Swing Impact Position

If you struggle with your golf swing impact position, it’s likely you’re missing some of these key points, and focusing on them will improve your iron shots. If you want to learn more about your golf swing impact position, watch our video on ultimate ball striking.

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