How to Fix a Slice in Golf

I’ve been asked many times in my career how to fix a slice in golf.

The slice, particularly with the driver, is undoubtedly the most prevalent swing flaw afflicting amateur golfers. It can significantly hamper distance, introduce inconsistency, and make it exceedingly challenging to hit fairways and greens. Here’s how to fix a slice in golf and better your technique.

When it comes to the slice, there are only three primary factors at play. However, in my experience, golfers attempting to self-correct often focus their attention on the wrong areas, investing time and effort in making changes that won’t effectively address the issue. Your slice is likely caused by one or more of the following:

Off-centre strikes: Failing to make contact with the middle of the club face.

Club path: The club cuts across the golf ball at impact.

Club face: The club face is too open in relation to the target or the club path.

We all know that eliminating this shot is no simple task. However, if you can positively influence the factors mentioned above, you will gain better control over your golf ball and may even add some extra yardage to your shots.

Stop Golf Slice

Now that we understand the source, let’s explore common swing faults that contribute to this dreaded shot and how to stop a golf slice. It’s important to note that this can vary for each golfer, but based on my experience, the following tend to be significant contributors:

Weak grip: When one or both hands are turned excessively towards the target when placed on the handle.

Body sequence: If the upper body initiates and leads the downswing, it disrupts the proper sequence and often leads to a club that cuts across the golf ball.

Lead wrist: A very cupped or extended lead wrist increases the likelihood of a slice, as this wrist position directly affects the club face throughout the swing.

I have yet to encounter a golfer who couldn’t stop the golf slice with proper guidance and the right drills. Most struggling golfers are simply targeting the wrong aspects of their swing and to stop a golf slice, they just need some minor adjustments.

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