The Short Game Toolbox

Discover the Secrets to a Pro-Level Short Game

Introducing the Short Game Toolbox: Unlock Your Short Game Potential and Master Every Shot with Confidence and Control!

Are you tired of struggling around the greens, wasting strokes with silly shots, and feeling lost when it comes to technique and club selection? Say goodbye to those frustrations because the Short Game Toolbox is here to simplify everything, providing clarity and ultimate control over your golf ball.

Imagine being equipped with the skills and techniques needed to confidently hit any type of shot around the green with consistency. Picture yourself effortlessly executing high lob shots, precise chip and runs, and mid-flight spinners from a variety of different lies. It’s all within your reach with the Short Game Toolbox.

What you will learn

  • Perfecting the Pitch Shot: Say goodbye to fat and thin shots with a step-by-step technique that guarantees accuracy and precision.
  • Increasing the Height of Your Shots: Discover three essential tools to increase the height of your shots, giving you unmatched control and versatility.
  • How to Lower the Flight: Uncover three adjustments you can make to lower the ball flight, maximising roll-out upon landing and providing you with even more options.
  • On-Course Application: Learn how to apply the Short Game Toolbox to various lies and situations on the golf course, ensuring you’re always prepared to conquer any challenge.
  • Practice for Success: Unleash the power of practice as you develop the skills needed to consistently execute every shot with confidence. Transfer your newfound abilities to the course and watch your game reach new heights.

Get ready for ultimate control and precision

With the Short Game Toolbox, developing an elite-level short game has never been simpler or easier. No more hope or guesswork as you unlock an unlimited number of shot options. Gain clarity and a clear vision for every shot, enabling you to control the golf ball with precision and finesse enabling you to hit the exact shot needed from any given situation.

Don’t settle for an average short game any longer. Start your journey to a pro-level short game today by investing in the Short Game Toolbox. Empower yourself with the skills and confidence to hit the exact shots you envision, every time. Don’t wait, take control of your short game destiny now!

What’s Included in the course

1 – Perfecting the Pitch

  • What is the short game toolbox and who is it for
  • Where is the short game toolbox used
  • Set up for the basic pitch shot
  • How to play the basic pitch
  • Understanding the ball flight and what influences launch and spin
  • What tools are tin your toolbox

2 – Increasing the Height

  • Adding loft and face orientation
  • Lowering the handle and flattening the swing plane
  • Using the wrists and changing the release
  • Understanding the ball flight and spin 
  • Applying the toolbox to your bunker shots

3 – Decreasing the Height

  • De lofting the club and shaft lean
  • Raising the handle and steepening the swing plane
  • Wrist action and changing the release
  • Understanding the ball flight and spin
  • Using the toolbox on the golf course

4 – On Course Application

  • How to categorise your short game shots
  • How to apply the short game toolbox
  • On-Course scenarios

5 – Practice for Success 

  • Internal Vs External Focus
  • ‘Feel the Ground see the shot’ pre shot routine
  • Growing your comfort zone


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