Golf Slice Fix

Correcting a slice in golf

Say goodbye to the slice and hello to straighter shots

As a dedicated golf coach, nothing gives me more pleasure than finally ridding a player of their tendency to slice the golf ball. Knowing that I’m helping people to fulfil their potential and get maximum enjoyment from the sport they love is what golf coaching is all about. 

Over the years, I’ve developed a tried-and-tested system for the golf slice fix. And as I’m always being asked how I do it, I decided to make a series of coaching videos to help players just like you fix their slice for good.

The Slice Fixer Series is all about giving you the techniques and corrective coaching required to eliminate the slice from your game. Once you’ve watched and absorbed all five videos, you should be able to hit the ball straighter, further and more solid than ever before.

What’s Covered in the Slice Fixer Series

I split my Slice Fixer course into five videos in order to make the learning process easier to follow and more manageable. The series takes through the following coaching stages:

  • Identifying the root cause of your slice
  • Setting up correctly
  • Neutral grip for straighter shots
  • Common faults to avoid
  • Training drills aimed at hitting effective draw shots
  • Developing your golfing ‘skill’ for total control of the golf ball
  • Taking your new and improved swing to the course

A Better Golf Game Is Just a Few Clicks Away

I love playing golf, but my real passion lies in teaching others to fulfil their playing potential. All my golf tutorials are inspired by my love of the game — and my passion for teaching good technique. 

The online golf lessons you need to once and for all cure your slice are just a few clicks away. Buy the Slice Fixer Series now, and your journey towards a better golf swing can get underway in just a few seconds. 


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