Correct Golf Grip

Having the correct golf grip for your swing is essential to reaching your full potential as a golfer.

Although the best golfers in the world have varying grip styles, they all have certain similarities that allow them to effectively transfer energy, power, and speed to the club head and control the club face during their swings. Fill in our online form for the next steps in improving your game.

Correct Golf Grip on a Golf Club

When looking for the correct golf grip on a golf club, consider the following:

  • Lead Hand Placement: the handle of the club should be positioned at the base of the fingers, which enables wrist movement and function during the swing. A grip that is too high in the hand can lock the wrists and result in a loss of power and control.
  • Hand Placement: the grip can be classified as strong, weak, or neutral, but it’s advisable to avoid the extremes to make controlling the ball’s direction easier.
  • Trail Hand: similar to the lead hand, the handle should run through the fingers instead of the palm to ensure proper wrist use.
  • Connecting the Hands: most golfers use either an overlap or interlock grip, but some can also perform well with a baseball grip where the hands are separate on the club.

By starting with the correct golf grip on a golf club, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your swing, maximising power and maintaining accuracy. For help with your acing your golf grip, sign up for our online courses.

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  1. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, understanding the nuances of lead hand placement, grip classifications, and the importance of proper wrist usage can significantly enhance your game. Remember, improvement starts with small adjustments, and your journey to a better golf game begins by filling out our online form.

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