The Shot Saving System

Your simple guide to lower scores!

Introducing the Shot Saving System: Discover the techniques & strategies used by the pro’s to consistently shoot lower scores

Have you ever left the golf course feeling like you played well but still shot over your handicap? It’s frustrating, but I have the solution to make those days a thing of the past. Welcome to the Shot Saving System, your key to lower scores every round

The 18, simple, easy to follow videos are designed to equip you with the skills and techniques you need to not only consistently shoot lower scores but also shoot under your handicap, even when your swing isn’t at its best.

Here’s why the course is unique:

  • Immediate Results: Unlike other golf lessons that may take months to show any improvement, this delivers results on your very next round.
  • No Swing Changes Required: With the Shot Saving System, you won’t need to relearn your entire swing. The proven techniques work with your existing swing, making it easier than ever to integrate into your game.
  • Perfect For All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started on the right foot or an experienced golfer seeking to take your game to the next level, the series is tailor-made for golfers of every ability.
  • Proven Strategies: The series is packed with tested and proven strategies that can save you strokes on every round you play.
  • Immediate Implementation: I know how eager you will be to hit the course with your improved game. So the lessons are designed to be implemented immediately, so you can start seeing results from the very first tee.

Consistently Lower Scores

With the Shot Saving System, you’ll gain more confidence, eliminate those dreaded blow-up holes, avoid costly dropped shots, and turn potential bogeys into pars. And the best part? You won’t need to make a single swing change. This series isn’t about swinging better; it’s about playing the game smarter, making it easier to achieve consistent results.

Ever wondered how the best players in the world maintain their consistency, even without a perfect swing every time? They possess skills and strategies that consistently lead to low scores. In this series, you’ll gain access to those very same skills.

Lower scores are within your reach, and achieving them is easier than you might think. Don’t wait any longer; start enjoying more fun on the golf course today.

What’s Included in the course

1 – Prep Like A Pro

  • Learn the 25 ball routine
  • Dial in your rhythm and tempo
  • Build confidence in your swing and game

2 – Putting Prep

  • The pre round routine to eliminate 3 putts
  • Build confidence in your stroke
  • Learn the trick to develop perfect pace control

3 – In Play Not Fairway

  • Learn the strategy that the pro’s adopt from the tee
  • Learn the secret to choosing ‘smart’ targets

4 – Deadly Aim

  • Learn the simple move that results in perfect alignment every time
  • Develop the 4 step process that makes aiming easy and repeatable

5 – Plan For 100 & Focus On 1

  • Learn how to hit more greens without having to change your swing
  • Learn how to make pars even after making ‘poor’ swings
  • Learn how to play smart based on your own swing and game

6 – Work It

  • Develop the ability to recover from any situation
  • Find the green even when you are out of position
  • Gain ultimate control over your golf ball

7 – Wedge Matrix

  • Quickly develop a wedge game thats deadly accurate
  • Lean to hit any shot with ultimate control
  • Take the guess work out of shots inside 100yds

8 – The Ring Walk

  • Learn the importance of your on course habits
  • Always swing with perfect tempo and rhythm

9 – Hit More Drivers

  • Learn to be more aggressive without any more risk
  • Learn how to add a ’15th club’ to your bag

10 – A Lesson From Seve

  • Learn Seve’s secret to perfect touch and feel
  • Follow the simple routine to chip your ball close every time

11 – Sand Savers

  • Learn the importance of club choice when in the sand
  • Escape the sand every time with confidence
  • Be able to vary the distance of your shots with ease

12 – Think Outside The Box

  • Learn how playing to your strengths is key to lower scores
  • Think differently to unlock lower scores

13 – Your 4 Numbers

  • Learn how to quickly plan your shots like a tour pro
  • Learn the secret to hitting shots with confidence and commitment
  • Never experience indecision on the course again

14 – Turn The Putt Around

  • Learn the trick that makes green reading simple
  • See the lines clearly on all of your putts
  • Discover the ‘clock face’ technique that the pro’s use

15 – Zone in, Zone Out

  • Discover how the ‘3 zone’ approach can help you on every shot
  • Discover how to be focused on every shot
  • Avoid silly, costly mistakes resulting in lower scores

16 – Embrace The Pressure

  • Learn how to perform at your best under pressure
  • Discover the techniques that allow you to over come high pressure situations

17 – Patience Is A Virtue

  • Discover how to stay patient on the golf course
  • Learn how to avoid blow up holes
  • Learn how understanding your game is the key to success

18 – Gaining Or Losing

  • Discover how to pin point exactly where you can improve
  • Take the ‘guess work’ out of improving
  • Learn how to quickly improve your scores


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