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The golf set up is crucial to a successful game. It determines your body and club movement during the swing, so it’s essential to get it right. Incorrect set up makes it difficult to perform a smooth and effective golf swing.

A proper golf set up should include posture, ball position, balance, and distance from the ball. These elements must be in place to optimise your chances of success. Take the mystery out of your set up and get in touch today.

Golf Swing Set Up

The golf swing set up is a combination of the relationship of the golfer to the ball. Ball position changes depending on the club you’re using, but to assess your balance, you can use reference points like the back of your armpits, the tailbone, and the middle of your shoulders. A balanced golfer stands with the back of the armpits just in front of the knees, tailbone slightly outside the heels, and the middle of the shoulders directly above the grip.

How can I avoid common setup errors such as improper alignment, grip, or posture, and what adjustments can I make to correct them and establish a solid foundation for my swing?

I always recommend that golfers consistently monitor their golf setup as things can frequently change over time. Developing a habit of using golf clubs or alignment sticks on the ground as references for your target and positioning during practice is highly beneficial. Additionally, for posture and setup, it is advisable to regularly check them in a mirror or reflect on them whenever possible.

Having a well-balanced golf swing set up will increase the likelihood of producing a strong, controlled, and accurate golf swing. Sign up today to start seeing results.

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  1. Your “GOLF SET UP” guidance is invaluable. It’s like getting advice from a golf buddy who knows the ins and outs of the game. Thank you for making things simple and useful. Now that I’ve found a setup that works for me, I’m ready to tackle the course. Here’s to many pleasurable rounds and improved swings in the future.

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