Thin Golf Shots

Thin golf shots occur when the golf ball is struck too low on the club face, below the sweet spot of the golf club. As a result, these shots often fly lower, lack distance, and have unpredictable trajectories and curves.

Every time you swing the golf club, it moves in an arc around you. This arc has the lowest point, and for well-struck shots, this low point needs to occur after the golf ball and be lower than the ball in almost all cases. 

The key to eliminating thin golf shots 

  • Control your swing arc
  • Position the low point on the target side of the ball
  • Regulate the height of the arc relative to the ground and ball

If you observe any skilled ball striker, you will notice that they strike the ground, with some level of significance, but always after the golf ball. Many struggling golfers fail to deliver the club in this manner.

Stop thinning golf shots 

So, how can you stop thinning golf shots? Begin by checking your setup, including:

  • Ball position
  • Weight distribution
  • Overall posture 

Adjustments in setup are often easier to make and can show immediate improvements.

During the swing, it is not uncommon to see golfers hitting thin shots swaying off the golf ball as they swing back. Aim to stay more centred over the golf ball when hitting iron shots.

However, the primary reason I observe golfers hitting thin shots is not shifting enough weight to the lead leg early in the downswing. This is the adjustment they must make to stop thinning golf shots.

One of the most significant differences between professional golfers and amateurs is how and when they shift their weight towards the target. Professional golfers shift their weight to the front leg early in the downswing, sometimes up to 85% of their weight. In contrast, amateur golfers often exhibit a lesser weight shift or, in some cases, none at all.

To stop thinning golf shots control the club’s arc and have your body weight forward at impact. It’s non-negotiable and If executed well, it can almost guarantee well-struck golf shots.

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    1. Hey, this sounds very much like a strike issue and the ball contacting the very bottom part of the driver face, usually towards the heel. My first suggestion would be to try and measure the strike in some way, face tape is great for this or a spray powder which can be applied to the face. Once you know where the strike is it will be much easier to find the best solution. Chris

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