Chris proudly endorses FatPlate training aids

What is FatPlate?

FatPlate encourages you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball (giving you that crucial ‘ball then turf’ descending strike) and also allows you to work on your swing mechanics in all weather conditions and on all surfaces. Work on your long irons & chipping at the range, practice area or even at home!


As the synthetic turf strike-zone is the same level as the polycarbonate, FatPlate allows for ANY iron to be hit from the tightest/most furthest-back ball position (number 3) whilst using the correct descending angle for that given club (without necessitating a steepening of the angle of attack).


In addition to the auditory response given, if the low point of your swing is behind the ball, this FatPlate model gives the most precise visual feedback for both path & strike point when used in conjunction with StrikeStrips™. 

What Chris says

“Very rarely, if ever, do I work with a student who couldn’t benefit by improving their strike.  For any golfer to improve, feedback is essential, FatPlate allows both myself and the student to instantly asses how the club was delivered to the ball after each shot.  This information can then be used to move towards better strikes and ultimately better shots.  


FatPlate, along with the StrikeStrips, enables any golfer to develop their skill level when comes to delivering the club to the ball, and an improved strike means lower scores and more fun!”

FatPlate 3 copy